TEDx Brum 2014

TEDx Brum


The Library of Birmingham

Earlybird Tickets on sale:


This city is changing. Step by step. Little by little.

We all know Birmingham isn’t perfect but it’s our home. A home we are proud of.

This year, TEDxBrum’s theme is DIY.

TEDx Brum Rationale

From our humble beginnings in 2012 volunteers continue to grow this platform, TEDxBrum has always focused on collaboration and amazing every day citizens coming together to communicate ideas worth sharing.

Everyday, we see people standing up making their voice heard and doing things differently, not accepting the status quo. People are planting seeds of change, they are an inspiring reminder that we can all be part of positive change.

Change starts with a single person. A single action.

A single flash of inspiration.

A single do.

Everywhere citizens are rethinking the way they live their lives, we want to bring people together to reimagine a better Birmingham, and work together to build it, step by step.

TEDxBrum 2014 will be a day full of thought-provoking stories, innovations and ideas from truly remarkable people who know what can be achieved when you decide to step forward and Do It Yourself.

Don’t settle. Start doing it yourself. Lets do this together.